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Fire water tanks

Polyethylene fire water tanks are dedicated to fire extinguishing equipment and installations such as intermediate tanks or water reserve tanks and water tanks used as supplementary water sources for external fire extinguishing.  Uponor non-pressure fire water tanks are used as a standard as underground storage tanks.

The offer of Uponor Infra includes the tanks in the internal diameter range from 2000 mm to 3000 mm and any volumes adapted to individual needs of the Clients.

 Tank operating principle

The tank is fed with water through the floating valve(s), from the installation or water supply network. Water intake from the tank is executed through a delivery pipeline(s) or deep-well pumps installed in the wells or chambers. In the case of the tanks supplying the fire water pumping  stations the water from the main fire water pumps is reversed to the tanks through a dedicated pipeline. The tanks is emptied as a standard by a submersible pump or suction valves (in the case of intake tanks for the Fire Department) or main fire water pumps and DN50 bypass on the connection for the Fire Department (in the case of fire equipment and installations). The instrumentation of the tank controls the water level in the tank.

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