Uponor Infra pipeline for Czajka treatment plant Warsaw


Uponor Infra – nothing is impossible!

“Thank you” to Uponor Infra for the express implementation of the works


The emergency collector supplying wastewater to the "Czajka" treatment plant was commissioned on a Monday morning. Thus Uponor Infra completed the contract for the “Wody Polskie” company. The construction proceeded at a record high speed.

It took 6.5 days to weld a pipeline with a length of 2200 m and a diameter of DN 1000. A total of 146 welds were performed. Six welding machines operated on the construction site. About 50 Uponor Infra employees took part in the “Rescue of the Vistula” campaign. They worked 216 hours in total (in 24-hour shifts) under enormous time pressure.  This task required the commitment and cooperation of all departments, including technical, service, production, and prefabrication, sales, logistics, and marketing, and all this was done under supervision and in accordance with the principles of health and safety at work.

Anna Moskwa, UnderSecretary of State at the Ministry of the Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways, during a special meeting organised by the “Wody Polskie” company, thanked all Uponor Infra employees for their efforts and dedication, as well as for the express implementation of the work, deserving an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The Uponor Infra company has once again stood up to the challenge and proved that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Uponor Infra pipeline for Czajka treatment plant Warsaw