emergency pipeline PE for Czajka Uponor Infra


Uponor Infra to build an emergency pipe to the “Czajka” wastewater treatment plant

“We save the Vistula” Campaign. Uponor Infra has signed a contract to build an emergency pipe!

We are pleased to announce that on 3 September 2020 Uponor Infra signed a contract with MPWiK for the construction of turnkey emergency pipelines to transfer wastewater from the left-bank Warsaw to the “Czajka” wastewater treatment plant. As part of the contract, Uponor Infra will lay two polyethylene (PE-HD) pipelines with a diameter of DN 1,000 and a length of 1,610 m each on a pontoon bridge. The project also involves using the pipes purchased by PGW Wody Polskie and made available to MPWiK free of charge. These are the same pipes which were laid as temporary pipes in 2019.

The installation of the pipes starts early next week according to the schedule. The pipe sections will be joined by butt welding to ensure that the strength of the structure is uniform both throughout its length and, importantly, at the point of weld. We will send 8-10 service crews to the construction site, and they will work in shifts 24 hours a day. Like last year, the pontoon crossing on the Vistula River will be built by the Polish Army.

However, the pipeline to be built will slightly differ from the one built in 2019. It will be 1,020 m longer, as last year there were 2 pipelines of 1,100 m each, while this year 2 of 1,610 m. What is more, the wastewater will be collected directly from the chamber located on the premises of the “Farysa” Plant, and not from the place of discharge. “This way, even if the pumping of sewage has to be stopped temporarily, it will be possible to retain it in the sewage system”, informs MPWiK. The sewage will be carried to the “Świderska” Plant on the right-bank of the Vistula River, from where it will be transferred to the “Czajka” wastewater treatment plant in a carrier pipe.

Reliable PE-HD systems

PE-HD polyethylene systems perform well in the most difficult operating conditions, including mining subsidence areas of up to and including Cat. IV, which proves their very high quality and durability parameters. They are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals. Highly durable, tight and flexible, they are installed relatively fast.
We are convinced that once again PE-HD systems will perform well in these unusual and challenging conditions. We will continue to make every effort to complete the job in record time to stop the discharge of untreated sewage and save the Vistula once again. 

See the installation of temporary pipeline on pontoon bridge in 2019