Sewage retention canal in Rzeszow


A smart drainage system in Rzeszów

A smart drainage system as the best way to prevent flooding

In Rzeszów, one of the most important municipal investments has just begun - the construction of a stormwater drainage system and areas located in the Budziwój area. It is the largest enterprise with the use of an innovative solution that is a retention canal so far.
Budziwój, the larger part of which is the Wisłok floodplain terrace, was joined to Rzeszów in 2010. They were mainly meadows, pastures, and small forests, so the water from precipitation soaked into the ground. Problems arose after the annexation of new areas into the city, and the progressive development led to the formation of impermeable surfaces that limited and prevented natural water retention. This, in turn, caused flooding or water stagnation. Therefore, a decision was taken to build a drainage and stormwater management system that would flow from the area of the housing estate with a total area of approx. 632 ha. It is planned to build over 26 km of a complete stormwater system, 24 retention reservoirs – 18 retention canals with a total capacity of 7.5 thousand. m3 and 6 battery tanks with a total capacity of 1.7 thousand. m3. They will be equipped with an intelligent retention management system, thanks to which you will be able to observe the water level on a regular basis. They will be made in the PEHD technology of Uponor Infra. 
In order to implement such a large-scale investment, Uponor Infra will supply Rzeszów with about 26  km of pipes, almost 300 base unit manholes and eccentric manholes with damming baffles and sand trap manholes. In addition, it will also be necessary to use large manholes and separation chambers with diameters from DN2200 to DN3000, as well as special fittings, tees, bends, flanges, and other elements. 
The investment, the value of which amounts to approximately PLN 70 million, began in September 2018. The deliveries are carried out on an ongoing basis depending on the needs of the contractor. The completion is planned for April/May 2020.
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Sewage retention canal was also used in Mielec and the Krakowska Południe housing estate in Rzeszów. More information on these projects can be found in the article:
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