Pipe network for cooling water at Keljonlahti power plant

Record-breaking pipes in Keljonlahti

Construction of the pipe network for cooling water at the Keljonlahti power plant began in December 2008. 3,000/3,300 mm Weholite pipes were selected for the network. The combined length of the entire intake and discharge pipe network for cooling water is 1,714 metres.
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The largest plastic pipeline ever installed in Finland in terms of diameter has been manufactured to transfer cooling waters from the biofuel power plant in Keljonlahti. At the end of March 2009, 300-metre pipes were placed on the ice for installation at the bottom of the lake when spring arrives. In June 2009, everything was ready for underwater installation.

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1,714 metres of 3,000/3,300 mm Weholite pipes


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