Kanalizacja deszczowa

Storm water

Comprehensive solutions for storm water management

Increasing in recent years, extreme weather phenomena such as heavy rain or prolonged rainfall confirmed that sewage networks are not adapted to receive excess storm water. Flooding has become common, which result in flooded roads, park cars, basements, garages ... According to the forecasts,  these phenomena will increase, and at the same time become less predictable.

The retention systems (pipes, fitting and tanks) are a simple solution to handle surplus water, which can prevent or at least significantly mitigate the risk of local flooding and floods with the optimum use of the terrain and the existing sewage network.

Uponor Infra retention systems have exceptional attributes resulting from their specific construction, effective jointing method and the material they have been made of: 

  • unfailing service
  • corrosion resistance
  • excellent long-term flow parameters, due to PE's resistance to scale formation
  • high durability of the pipe and joints - approved for application in Category 4 mining damaged areas
  • pipe flexibility - no need to use fittings in gentle bends
  • superior chemical resistance
  • exceptional abrasion resistance 
  • lightweight and easy to lay
  • quick and easy installation, even in winter conditions 
  • the possibility of applications in the traffic lane and the car parks