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Multi-purpose tanks

One of the most typical products manufactured by Uponor Infra is universal polyethylene tanks, which are characterized by high quality, offer a wide range of capacities – that may be adapted to the individual needs of the ordering party – and are available in inner diameters ranging from 1000 to 3000mm. The tanks may be of ring stiffness ranging from SN2 to SN8 (PN-EN ISO 9969), which helps adjust the parameters of the tank construction to the specific water and soil conditions of a given project. What distinguishes Uponor tanks from other tanks on the market is their wall (structurally based on a dual layer Weholite pipe), the unique construction of caps and the fact that they may be tailor-made for a given project.

Advantages of tanks

  • Double walls and welded joints guarantee 100% leak-free operation and long-term durability
  • Non-toxic
  • Foundation in difficult soil and water conditions possible
  • Installation in roads and underneath car parks
  • Total resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemicals
  • Long storage with no loss of parameters (UV resistant)
  • Low weight, quick and easy assembly (also in winter conditions).

The tanks are used for keeping, storing and retention of:

  • sanitary, municipal and storm sewage,
  • drinking water,
  • storm, technological and fire water etc.
  • liquids produced by agri-food industry,
  • liquid animal faeces,
  • aggressive industrial sewage,
  • liquids used in biogas plants,
  • other liquids (containing chemical compounds to which PEHD is chemically resistant).

A typical tank is a single-body structure, but there is a possibility to join tanks into batteries of any capacity. Prefabricated tanks delivered as one component may be of capacity ranging from 2 to 90 m3 (larger capacities are manufactured on demand and transported on individual conditions). The maximum length of the delivered tanks is only restricted by transport limitations.

Large capacity tanks (up to even over a dozen thousand cubic meters) are delivered in sections that are ready to be joined by extrusion welding. Consequently, the final product is a monolithic construction that is free of mechanical joints and guarantees maximum water tightness and reliability. Such a solution enables the installation of large capacity tanks with the optimum use of the available terrain.

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