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Infrastructure solutions

Technological and industrial piping

Industrial infrastructure

Industrial underground infrastructure is extremely complex and complicated. In such complex and highly urbanized buildings, the use of pipelines made of the finest materials is of paramount importance. Pipes must be abrasion-resistant, resistant to corrosion and chemicals in the soil, water or transported medium. They must also be durable, tight and flexible, adapted to the dynamic environment.
Uponor Infra has been supplying PEHD polyethylene (PEHD) systems for more than 60 years (pipes, fittings, chambers, tanks, culverts) for the most demanding operating conditions as technological pipelines for chemical, paper and pulp mills, concentrator plants, copper smelters, as cooling water pipelines in power plants. Polyethylene systems work very well in areas affected by mining exploitation in mines and post-production waste dump sites.

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Uponor Infra 360° Project Services

Uponor Infra 360° Project Services is a unique service concept that enables the preparation of a complete, technically and economically safe solution tailored to individual needs. Find out more about our experiences and tailored solutions.

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