Learn how the Uponor Infra 360™ mindset benefits our customers

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How the Uponor Infra 360™ mindset benefits our customers

Blogpost: Ari Sillanpää, Application Manager, Water Technology - How the Uponor Infra 360™ mindset benefits our customers

As an Uponor Infra professional specializing in customized stormwater solutions, there’s one key message that I bring to every first meeting with a customer: There’s no set way of solving a stormwater drainage challenge. Each situation is unique. Every project demands close attention to the facts on – and in – the ground; but design solutions should also be based on innovative thinking, and a careful consideration of all the potential options available to our customer.

So, our approach is always to first listen very closely to the customer – seriously listen to their needs. Only then, based on their responses and our discussions, we propose how we can solve their challenges in ways that take into account each potential solution’s true costs, feasibility, and environmental considerations.

The name we’ve given this mindset – this way of approaching every project we commit to – is Uponor Infra 360™. While this may seem like a bit of a mouthful, to me it simply means a concept and a way of working that’s built on – and enabled by – Uponor’s broad portfolio and knowledge base. These core assets allow us to offer a range of solutions – from just providing components, all the way to delivering turn-key installations and commissioning.

One very good way for us to show our clients the wide range of skills we can offer them is our portfolio of reference cases. It quickly illustrates the variety of solutions we can provide – for example, we’re not doing just one tank type for one application.

Of course, our reference cases serve mostly as eye-openers for the client. Our discussion often begins when we are asked simply to supply the pipes, and then we make sure the customer understands we have a range of offerings and options that are relevant to the entire project plan. For this reason, we of course prefer to be involved in the process as earlier as possible – even in the investment planning phase – to suggest some solutions which could help the customer to save money and time during the project.

We see the Uponor Infra 360™ concept as a series of puzzle pieces representing the customer’s various project phases and facets – the design part, the onsite and offsite construction parts – and the idea is that, yes, we are happy to provide you with the whole 360™ circle of project needs within our scope of expertise. But we can also supply a range of specific pieces you may need. This is a major distinguisher between what Uponor Infra can offer compared with most specialized fabricators.

But just as important as the idea that we can provide specific puzzle pieces – or even all of them – is how these pieces fit smoothly and precisely together. In other words, our goal is to ensure that the pieces we provide will fit to your puzzle – with no gaps between what we contribute and the rest of the solution. And this is where our customers can count on our extensive experience and skill in working with other professional teams.

Of course, our mission is not simply to please the customer – we also have a basic responsibility to challenge them if – from an engineering standpoint – we think there is a better way to go. In fact, finding the better way to go is the essence of the Uponor Infra 360™ spirit.