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Design & calculations

Experience providing optimised and cost effective solutions

Calculations, estimates and dimensioning play a major role in the long-term success of a project. Our expert team of designers is extremely skilled and vastly experienced.

You have to know what you are putting in the ground. Know what external and internal mechanical stresses material, sleeves and joints will be exposed to – pressure, movement, temperature fluctuations, expansion etc. For example: what happens to a pipe when laid on the bottom of the sea? Or underground when subject to considerable movement? Working closely with you, our developers and field personnel can arrive at the right solution for your requirement. The optimal, cost-effective solution with healthy safety margins that will minimise the risk of accidents in the future.

Weholite & pressure pipe online calculator

The Uponor Infra calculating software is designed to make static, strength and hydraulic calculations of pipes, tanks and manholes.The program consists of 5 modules:

  • Underground tank – calculation of stability against lift
  • Sewer bottom manhole - calculation of stability against lift
  • Underground pipeline - static calculations
  • Pressure pipeline - hydraulic calculations
  • Gravity pipeline - hydraulic calculations

The software is available in six language versions:  English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Romanian.