Design and calculation

Uponor Infra 360TM Project Services

Design & calculations

Experience providing optimised and cost effective solutions

Calculations, estimates and dimensioning play a major role in the long-term success of a project. Our expert team of designers is extremely skilled and vastly experienced.

You have to know what you are putting in the ground. Know what external and internal mechanical stresses material, sleeves and joints will be exposed to – pressure, movement, temperature fluctuations, expansion etc. For example: what happens to a pipe when laid on the bottom of the sea? Or underground when subject to considerable movement? Working closely with you, our developers and field personnel can arrive at the right solution for your requirement. The optimal, cost-effective solution with healthy safety margins that will minimise the risk of accidents in the future.

What we can do
• 3D drawings of the solution required
• Calculation of hydraulic forces and flow
• 2D FEM simulations to ensure that mechanical stresses such as refilling, groundwater and/or external loads do not affect the result of the final solution
• 3D FEM simulations for key elements such as couplings, inspection chambers and PE structures
• Welding calculations
• Calculations for positioning of lifting points
• Simulations for marine installations concerning pressure etc.
• Lifelong calculations

Method statements - a vital element for the final result
Clear instructions, documentation of installations and manuals for maintenance guarantee the sustainability and service life of a project. Well-prepared method statements are your guarantee for a long-term economic solution. That's why we always offer you a detailed description, regardless of whether it is us or someone else doing the installation. That's how you are ensured security and can pose questions on such topics as future maintenance. Descriptions and documentation are of course important for all complex projects. They are of extreme importance for marine installations. In such instances, they are affected by salt content, water movement, temperature, seabed vegetation and depth. A description can therefore amount up to hundreds of pages.

Weholite & pressure pipe online calculator

The Uponor Infra calculating software is designed to make static, strength and hydraulic calculations. The software is available in six language versions:  English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Romanian.