Sønderborg Forsyning got a designed solution with added value , Sønderborg

A designed solution with added value

In autumn 2014, Uponor Infra in Denmark was contacted by the utility company Sønderborg Forsyning in the southern part of Jutland. They were originally looking for a solution to replace an existing 1,000mm concrete pipeline, but ended up with a designed solution with added value.

Project Facts:

  • Sønderborg, Denmark
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Completion: 2014

Uponor involvement

  • Solution proposal, prefabrication, delivering of the pipes, method statement for installation guidance, welding service on-site, participating in site meetings, project management, follow-up on final delivery

The existing concrete pipeline was problematic for a number of reasons. One of the major issues was that the pipeline was under great pressure due to a huge height difference of more than 17 metres. As a result, there was extensive sanitary sewer overflow from the chambers,” says Finn Christensen, Project Manager at Sønderborg Forsyning.

“The pipeline went through a privately owned field and of course the owner was not too happy with the overflow. In addition, the field owner did not wish to have a pipeline going through his field. The pipe would thus have to be installed along the field boundary. Therefore, we turned to Uponor for a designed solution.”

A welded designed solution

“In the solution proposal, we concentrated on the customer’s need for a designed and welded solution in order to tackle the challenges posed by the height differences along the field. The height differences and the terrain meant that we had to take a lot of bends into account. Our original solution was based only on SN8 Weholite pipes, but we revised it later on during the project, as we could offer the customer a far better solution yielding greater value,” says Jan Lunding, Project Technical Manager at Uponor Infra.

During the proposal process, Uponor worked together with Grontmij, one of the leading consulting and engineering companies in Europe, in delivering, for instance, the method statement for installation guidance.

Added value, easy and fast installation

During the evaluation of the proposed solution, which took place at the construction site, Jan Lunding discovered that the Weholite pipeline would be connected to a concrete chamber at one end. The chamber had to be replaced. Uponor suggested that the chamber should be made of plastic instead of concrete. Calculations were made and sent to Sønderborg Forsyning. Within a week, the order was placed!

“The chamber was made of Weholite panels. It gave us added value by saving us a lot of time. Since the chamber could be prefabricated and delivered in one piece, it was easy and fast for the constructor to install. Time was an important issue for us, especially as the pipeline and chamber are intended to transport stormwater away from the area,” says Finn Christensen.

A professional and active partner

“Uponor not only provided us with a customised solution, but also offered a range of services and technical support,” says Finn Christensen.

“With Uponor we had a professional and active partner throughout the entire project. Therefore we ended up with a unique solution that matched our specific needs for a welded designed solution. Furthermore, we saved time on the project, because Uponor could provide us with a chamber that was ready to be installed right away. I’m really looking forward to working with Uponor’s designed solutions department on future projects,” says Finn Christensen.

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