Brown coal mine drainage systems, Bełchatów, Turów, Konin, Adamów

Brown coal mine drainage systems

About 90 percent of Polish energy comes from coal. The annual coal production is approx. 70-80 million tons of hard coal and approx. 60-65 million tons of brown coal. Polish lignite mining is in the world forefront and brown coal-fired power plants produce about 35 percent of the cheapest electricity. Cooperation with lignite mines is a very important element of Uponor Infra strategy in Poland.

Project Facts:

  • Bełchatów, Turów, Konin, Adamów, Poland
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Completion: 2015

Uponor involvement

  • WehoPipe pressure pipes – a total of 130km, gravity pipes (Weholite, WehoDuo, WehoTripla) – a total of 92km, Weholite gravity pipes for surface installations - 8km, PE and PP fittings – a total of 6052 pcs., chambers– a total of 171 pcs.
Excavation of brown coal is focused in three mining-energy centres: Bełchatów, Konin and Turoszów. Bełchatów Mine has the biggest share in the total extraction, which is one of the largest open pit mines in Europe. The position of Bełchatów mine is the result of application of state of the art technical solutions and dedication to environmental protection. It was Bełchatów mine which in 2000 decided to use polyethylene pipes instead of steel pipes for the drainage of the open pits. Uponor Infra (former KWH Pipe) has been delivering for the last dozen or so years the PEHD systems installed within the excavation for surface drainage, whose purpose is to catch the storm water, run-off from the slopes and water pumped by the auxiliary drainage system. The Investor stressed that the uniformity of the connections and the associated capability of transmitting longitudinal forces is the key factor determining the selection of PEHD systems.  This is particularly important with installations located in difficult conditions involving the landslides.

For many years polyethylene pipes made by Uponor Infra has been up to the toughest conditions. Sales records are the significant proof  for a fruitful and long-term cooperation with the biggest investors in Poland - In the years 2000-2015, Uponor Infra delivered to lignite mines (KWB Bełchatów, KWB Turów, KWB Konin and KWB Adamów) 127 km WehoPipe pressure pipes and 90 km of gravity pipes (Weholite , WehoTripla and WehoDuo) with a set of fittings and chambers.

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Project Type
New Build

Building Type
Industrial infrastructure


KWB Bełchatów, KWB Turów, KWB Konin, KWB Adamów

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