Dry land fish farm facility in the Åland Islands

Weholite yields savings and smoother implementation

New dry land fish farm which will produce 3,200 tonnes of rainbow trout annually is being build in Eckerö in the Åland Islands. Uponor Infra has provided design assistance and delivers the pipes and is responsible for their installation and welding.

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The Åland Islands-based company Fifax Ab is currently building one of the largest fish farms in the Nordic countries. The aboveground facility is located in Eckerö, Åland, about 1.8 kilometres from the sea. Operating at full capacity, it will produce more than 3,200 tonnes of rainbow trout for the Finnish and Scandinavian markets annually. The facility piping contract was simplified and implemented at a lower cost by replacing the pressure pipes specified in the original plan with 1,800mm Weholite pipes.

Project Information



Project Type
New Build

Building Type
Industrial infrastructure

600 m Weholite pipes ø 1800/1950, 500 m PE 630 mm pipes, 7 500 m PE 160 mm pressure pipes


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