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Agro tanks

Multi-purpose polyethylene tanks for water, sewage and other liquids


Agro tanks are designed for storing potable water, water for fire-fighting, storm water, sewage of agricultural origin (liquid manure, silage juices, fertilizers) and other liquids.They are made of polyethylene, double-walled Weholite pipe and meet all the environmental requirements. The tanks provide absolute leak tightness and increased resistance to frost due to double wall. They are offered in capacities ranging from 10 m3. Each tank is tailor-made according to the customer’s specific demands and needs. A typical  Uponor tank is a single-body structure, but it is also possible to join tanks into batteries of any capacity.   Tanks can be installed in different types of ground.


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Agro tanks

Advantages of agro tanks


  • Double walls and welded joints guarantee 100% leak-free operation and long-term durability
  • Foundation in difficult soil and water conditions possible
  • Installation in roads and underneath car parks
  • Total resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemicals
  • Long storage with no loss of parameters (UV resistant)
  • weight, quick and easy assembly (also in winter conditions)
agro tanks

Solution for the future!

When increasing production agricultural tank can be expanded with additional modules. The purpose of the tank can be changed even after years of use. The tanks are made of polyethylene, which is why deposits do not stick to the walls – you can easily clean it and use it for its new purpose. It is possible to disassemble the tank, which allows you to change the place of foundation or resale.

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