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Manholes and chambers

Uponor Infra is a manufacturer of an exceptionally wide range of standard manholes, chambers and a practically unlimited range of custom ones. They are the complementation of the gravity systems offered by Uponor Infra. The implementation of the unique Weholite pipe technology combined with the factory-made welded joints of particular components of manholes and chambers ensures their high quality and water-tightness. The dualwall technology guarantees maximum resistance to mechanical damage, which – in consequence – improves safety of installation and operation. Due to small weight the Uponor manholes and chambers are easy to transport, unload and install. They are delivered directly to the construction site as a final and complete unit with the factory-made connections, which helps save assembly time and – in consequence – reduces the costs of installation and guarantees exceptional operational durability. All manholes and chambers have got technical approvals ITB and IBDiM and are officially approved by the Central Mining Institute to be used in mining damage areas.

The advantages of the manholes and chambers:

  • Monolithic, durable structure that guarantees water-tightness and unfailing operation
  • Total resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemicals
  • Ready to work with new extensions (different systems), as specified on demand
  • Connections of any diameter available
  • Ready for future expansion following condition changes (adding new extensions and branch channels now possible due to in-situ gasket technology, changing the height of chamber/manhole chimney at the construction site)


The range of the Uponor manholes and chambers includes:

  • eccentric manholes dn≥1000with the chimney made of a smooth, dual-wall Weholite pipe, for canals made of the Weholite pipes – diameters from dn800mm to 3000mm (there is a possibility to order manhole chimneys of larger diameter responding to the customer’s individual needs);
  • manholes (prefabricated bottoms) DN≥1000;
  • street inlets DN400, DN500, DN600;
  • chambers (prefabricated bottoms) DN400, DN600, DN800.

All the manholes and chambers mentioned above with chimneys of diameter ≥dn600mm may be manufactured in accordance with the specific project requirements and customer’s needs. The manholes and chambers with prefabricated bottoms may be equipped with an additional heavy bottom that secures the construction against ground water forces after filling it with concrete at the construction site.


  • Sanitary, storm and combined sewerage systems
  • Industrial sewerage systems
  • Motorway and car park drainage pipelines
  • Drainage pipelines (including landfill sites)
  • Drainage of hydro-technical facilities


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