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Sewer Municipal

Reliable, plastic solution for sewage systems

The manufacture of plastic pipes in the '50s was a major breakthrough in water-supply and sewerage engineering. Due to their incredible properties, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) enabled the production of best-quality pipes which were free of flaws typical for older traditional technologies (concrete, steel, clay).

Uponor Infra offers polyethylene and polypropylene systems of pipes, fittings, and tanks enable to build a complete gravity system with diameters ranging from 110 to 3000 mm!

Exceptional durability, corrosion and chemical resistance, and perfect quality are the greatest advantages of Uponor Infra systems.  Our systems have numerous advantages, significant for investors, designers, contractors, and users, like:

  • long-term and unfailing operation and exceptionally low defectiveness
  • excellent long-term flow parameters, due to PE's resistance to scale formation
  • high durability of the pipe and joints - approved for application in Category 4 mining damaged areas
  • pipe flexibility - no need to use fittings in gentle bends
  • exceptional abrasion resistance 
  • lightweight and easy to lay
  • quick and easy installation, even in winter conditions 
  • the possibility of applications in the traffic lane and the car parks


Having been used in hundreds of projects all over Poland, Uponor Infra sewerage piping solutions have gained a strong reputation of being reliable, easy to lay and unfailing in service.