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WehoTripla is a modern system of polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings for external sewer applications – sanitary, storm water and combined sewerage pipelines. The wall of a WehoTripla pipe consists of three layers, which makes the system one of the most technologically advanced solutions of sanitary engineering:

  • the hard solid outer layer provides protection against mechanical damage
  • due to the middle layer, the pipe is lightweight and yet preserves very high ring stiffness (up to SN 16) – the middle layer also acts as a thermal insulator,
  • the abrasion resistant inner layer has a low linear resistance coefficient, which guarantees excellent hydraulic parameters.

The smooth inner wall and the range of diameters compatible with the standard dimensions of PVC pipelines makes the WehoTripla system easy to connect e.g. to concrete chambers with tight PVC passes. The WehoTripla pipes are characterised by high chemical resistance, and are extremely durable (stiff), which makes them an ideal solution for road applications. Because of their technical specifications and proprieties they actively interact with soil and become a durable element of modern underground infrastructure in built-up areas. Their exceptional parameters are highly valued, which is proved by the fact that they have been officially approved by the Central Mining Institute to be used in mining damage areas (up to level 4).

Advantages of WehoTripla

  • Extremely durable, very high ring stiffness rates (SN 8-16)
  • Total resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemicals
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Long-term operation
  • Installation possible even in frostbitten areas
  • Easy to connect to PVC fittings, manholes and chambers

VipLiner modules are intended mainly for renovation of existing gravitation pipelines but due to a high ring stiffness they can be used for the construction of new pipelines, directly under a carriage way within a road area.

VipLiner drainage modules feature solid polyethylene (PE) pipes with smooth inner and outer surfaces. The use of polyethylene offers abrasion and corrosion resistance, long life operation, impact resistance and low roughness coefficient.  Due to outer layer grooving, VipLiner modules can be used for trenchless drainage to lower the ground water level.

VipLiner modules are offered in diameters from 90 to 630 mm. The effective length of modules is 0.5 m. We make modules of different lengths if ordered by the Customer. VipLiner modules are manufactured with ring stiffness min. SN8 (kN/m2).

Advantages of VipLiner

  • Unique combination of durability and flexibility (ring stiffness as per PN-EN ISO 9969 min. SN8)
  • High strength and reliability
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and broad chemical resistance
  • Low weight (easy transport and unloading)
  • Suitability for overground systems/networks (resistance to UV)
  • Exceptional resistance to sub-zero temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitability for operation in the freezing zone

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