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Universal systems of pipes and fitting for sewer applications


The manufacture of plastic pipes in the '50s was a major breakthrough in water-supply and sewerage engineering. Due to their incredible properties, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) enabled the production of best-quality pipes which were free of flaws typical for older traditional technologies (concrete, steel, clay).

Uponor Infra offers polyethylene and polypropylene systems of pipes, fittings, and tanks enable to build a complete gravity system with diameters ranging from 110 to 3000 mm!
Exceptional durability, corrosion and chemical resistance, and perfect quality are the greatest advantages of Uponor Infra systems. Having been used in hundreds of projects all over Poland, Uponor Infra sewerage piping solutions have gained a strong reputation of being reliable, easy to lay and unfailing in service.

  • Weholite (PE i PP) constitute an optimum solution for the majority of projects connected with gravity sewers. Pipes are produced in a wide range of diameters from 300 to 3000mm and ring stiffness from SN2 to SN16. The system consists of fittings, manholes, chambers and tanks.
  • WehoTripla (PP) is a complementary to Weholite system. Pipes are produced in diameters range from 110 to 400 mm and ring stiffness from SN8 to SN16. The system also includes a set of fittings, manholes and chambers.
  • VipLiner (PE) modules for the construction of sewage systems, produced in diameters range from 90 to 630 mm and ring stiffness SN8.


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Gravity systems


Complete system of large diameter pipes and fittings

Weholite is a modern system of large-diameter, structural polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings, designed for the construction of complete external sewer pipelines. The system is a result of the long-lasting research and development works carried out by our corporation. The combination of an appropriate raw material and an advanced technology enabled us to create a product of a high load resistance.

The Weholite pipes constitute an optimal, external solution for the majority of projects connected with gravity sewers. Due to their low weight, they are quick and easy to install. They may be supplied in longer sections than the pipes made of traditional materials. The unique construction and the reliable jointing methods guarantee 100% tightness of the whole system, even after years of operation. The Weholite pipes are flexible and easily adjust to dynamic surroundings. According to Technical Opinion of Central Mining Institute (GIG) they may be applied in mining damage areas (up to level 4). They are resistant to corrosion and to damage done by salt and other chemical compounds that may be found in soil, sea water or in any other transported substances. All these attributes make the Weholite pipes a truly universal product of numerous applications.

Advantages of Weholite

  • Unique combination of durability and flexibility (ring stiffness from SN2 to SN16)
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and broad chemical resistance
  • Low weight (easy transport and unloading)
  • Suitability for overground systems/networks (resistance to UV)
  • Easy installation regardless of weather conditions (also in sub-zero temperatures)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitability for operation in the freezing zone
Gravity sewage Uponor Infra PE pipe Weholite

Modern system of PP pipes and fittings

WehoTripla is a modern system of polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings for external sewer applications – sanitary, storm water and combined sewerage pipelines. The wall of a WehoTripla pipe consists of three layers, which makes the system one of the most technologically advanced solutions of sanitary engineering:

  • the hard solid outer layer provides protection against mechanical damage,
  • due to the middle layer, the pipe is light weight and yet preserves very high ring stiffness (up to SN16) – the middle layer also acts as a thermal insulator,
  • the abrasion resistant inner layer has a low linear resistance coefficient, which guarantees excellent hydraulic parameters.

Dimensional compatibility of components of WehoTripla system (DN/OD) allows easy jointing with other systems. The WehoTripla pipes are characterised by high chemical resistance, and are extremely durable (stiff), which makes them an ideal solution for road applications. Because of their technical specifications and proprieties they actively interact with soil and become a durable element of modern underground infrastructure in built-up areas. Their exceptional parameters are highly valued, which is proved by the fact that they have been officially approved by the Central Mining Institute to be used in mining damage areas (up to level 4).

Advantages of WehoTripla

  • High strength and reliability (ring stiffness from SN8 to SN16)
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and broad chemical resistance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Durability
  • High resistance to media of elevated temperatures
  • Compatibility with other PCV systems
Gravity sewage Uponor Infra PP pipe WehoTripla

PE modules for pipeline construction and renovation

VipLiner modules are intended mainly for renovation of existing gravitation pipelines. High ring stiffness of VipLiner modules ensures the possibility to use them for the construction of new pipelines, directly under a carriage way within a road area. This method does not require trenching, which ensures minimal disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Moreover, works can be carried out even when the sewerage is in use.
VipLiner drainage modules feature solid polyethylene (PE) pipes with smooth inner and outer surfaces. The use of polyethylene offers only advantages for a rebuilt canal, which derive from its corrosion and abrasion resistance, long life operation, impact resistance and low roughness coefficient. Due to outer layer grooving, VipLiner modules can be used for trenchless drainage to lower the ground water level.
VipLiner modules are offered in diameters from 90 to 630 mm. The effective length of modules is 0.5 m. We make modules of different lengths if ordered by the Customer. VipLiner modules are manufactured with ring stiffness min. SN8 (kN/m2). 


Advantages of VipLiner

  • Unique combination of durability and flexibility (ring stiffness as per PN-EN ISO 9969 min. SN8)
  • High strength and reliability
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and broad chemical resistance
  • Low weight (easy transport and unloading)
  • Suitability for overground systems/networks (resistance to UV)
  • Exceptional resistance to sub-zero temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitability for operation in the freezing zone
Drainage VIPliner Uponor Infra PE pipe

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