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Road drainage

Effective road drainage

Uponor road drainage includes a complete range of pipes, fittings, and chambers for drainage of all types of road and infrastructure projects. Smart, high-quality solutions contribute to ease of handling and long service life. Our drainage systems are highly resistant to corrosion, resulting in a long service life even with low pH values. Polyethylene and polypropylene are chemically resistant to the majority of substances that may occur in and around drainage pipelines. The material also has many good abrasion properties. They are flexible and easily adjust to dynamic surroundings. According to the Technical Opinion of Central Mining Institute (GIG), they may be applied in mining damage areas (up to level 4).


Weholite pipes (PE and PP) are available in a broad range of diameters, from 300 to 3000 mm and with ring stiffness classes from SN2 to SN16 (kN/m2). The system includes fittings, chambers, and tanks.


WehoTripla is a technologically advanced polypropylene (PP) piping system. The diameters range from 110 to 400 mm and standard WehoTripla pipes are of SN8 ring stiffness rate (heavy type), but Uponor Infra also manufactures special purpose pipes of ring stiffness up to SN16.


Examples of scope of application: 

  • Roads and motorways

  • Railways 

  • Airfields 

  • Landfill sites 

  • Culverts

  • Garages and other underground buildings

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