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Simple and efficient drainage

Uponor Infra recommends a system of pipes and fittings to build a complete drainage application of diameters from 110 to 3000 mm! From the investor, designer, contractor and user point of view, the biggest advantage of our systems is their high quality, no corrosion and exceptional resistance to chemical agents. It is also important to be able to carry out drainage works in highly anthropogenically processed areas where the use of classic drainage network assembly techniques is difficult or practically impossible.

Drainage systems with unlimited application possibilities

Advantages of drainage systems

  • long-term and unfailing operation and exceptionally low defectiveness
  • excellent long-term flow parameters, due to PE's resistance to scale formation
  • high durability of the pipe and joints - approved for application in Category 4 mining damaged areas
  • pipe flexibility - no need to use fittings in gentle bends
  • exceptional abrasion resistance  
  • lightweight and easy to lay
  • quick and easy installation, even in winter conditions  
  • the possibility of applications in the traffic lane and the car parks

Application options

  • drainage of roads and motorways
  • drainage of airport (runways and taxiways)
  • mine drainage
  • drainage of buildings, car parks,
  • drainage of shopping malls, logistic centres, squares, garages and other underground structures
  • drainage of parks, recreational areas and sports facilities
  • dumpsite drainage.

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Storm water retention systems

The heavy rains that have been growing in recent years can cause serious damage to the infrastructure. Uponor Infra offers effective solutions for stormwater retention, which help reduce the risk of local floods and flooding with the optimal use of the area and the existing sewerage network.

More about retention.

Support for customised solutions

Do you need a tailor made product, or a turnkey solutions on a global scale? We offer full support within: design & calculations, tailor made products, field services, technical support and project management.

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