Weholite tanks Uponor


Tank batteries for Węgierska Górka

Tanks for challenging mountain terrain


At the end of last year, Uponor Infra Poland signed a 3-year contract for the supply of 19 batteries of SN8 retention tanks with a diameter of up to DN2400mm for the construction of the S1 Bielsko-Biała - Żywiec road on the Przybędza - Milówka section, so-called "Bypass of Węgierska Górka". The investor is the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways, the General Contractor is MIRBUD S.A., and the subcontractor in the field of tanks is the WGB company, with which we have signed the contract.

It is the third and final stage of the S1 road construction. Due to the mountainous nature of the route, it is necessary to build many engineering structures. The longest of them are two double tunnels, approx. 830 m long under the Barania massif and 980 m under the Białożyński Groń massif, and flyovers located over the valleys of mountain streams. The management of stormwater is one of the elements of the construction of the S1 road system. Various technologies for the construction of retention tanks were considered, ultimately due to the difficult ground and water conditions, mountainous terrain and changing weather conditions, it was decided to use PE-HD.

Some facts

  • The entire contract covers 19 tanks/tank batteries SN8 with diameters from DN1200 to 2400 mm
  • The longest DN1500 tank is as much as 140 m
  • The largest battery consists of 6 DN2400 tanks, 23 m long each, with a total capacity of 604.8 m3.
  • The total capacity of all tanks is 5477.44 m3
Weholite tanks Uponor
The first deliveries started in December 2020. It is worth adding that the implementation of the task requires very good coordination and cooperation of many industries throughout the construction site. The deliveries, due to very large dimensions of the components of the tanks, are carefully planned and the work is carried out according to the agreed schedules.
Currently, extrusion welding is carried out on the construction site in cooperation with MIRBUD and WGB. Additionally, Uponor Infra also performs tank tightness tests.