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The PRiK "GOOD CHOICE" badge for Uponor Infra

The PRiK "GOOD CHOICE" badge for all Uponor Infra products


Despite the fact that plastic plumbing systems feature some of the best solutions currently available on the market, the policy of continuous quality improvement has resulted in the PRiK Association’s taking the initiative to recognise and award companies which meet high standards in terms of the quality of manufactured products, applied technologies, customer service, and environmental protection. This has been achieved by the introduction of the PRiK "GOOD CHOICE” badge. Uponor Infra has joined the group of distinguished companies and all its products have received the "GOOD CHOICE" PRiK badge.

The PRiK "GOOD CHOICE" badge is a promotional distinction awarded by the Association to professional companies. The badge certifies that the company meets high standards in their quality of products, applied technology, organisation of production, customer service, and environmental protection. 

PRiK has been promoting quality in the Polish plumbing industry for 15 years now

In 2019, the Polish Association of Plastic Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers (PRiK) celebrates the 15th anniversary of its work for the plumbing industry in Poland. Our organisation, founded in 2004, now affiliates the major manufacturers of water-supply and sewage systems made of plastics. The Association runs projects which promote knowledge about these systems among various groups of customers. Education increases the awareness of the importance of the quality and full-scale solutions used in the industry.

The PRiK Association was established by representatives of leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and fittings. The Association has had its base in Toruń since its inception on 1 December 2004.
Its main focus is to promote plastic water-supply and sewage systems as human-friendly products, and to disseminate information on the possibilities, principles, and benefits of their use.

During the 15 years of its existence, the Association has conducted and supported a number of research-and-development works involving the manufacturing and testing of plastic pipes and fittings. Since the beginning of its operation, PRiK has been working for improvements in quality and methods of production. Through working groups, it develops standards for installation work, and cooperates with other organisations for the preparation, development, and improvement of standards and other normative actions for the plastics-processing industry, connected with the production of plastic systems and their application. Finally, they provide reports on production technicalities, the use of plastic pipes, and plastic fittings.

In representing the world of pipe manufacturers in the field of standardisation regulations, the Association closely cooperates with the Polish Committee for Standardisation PKN, and, as part of it, with Technical Committee No. 140 for Plastic Pipes, Fittings, and Tapware. The Committee deals with commercial standards for all applications of plastic pipes, such as drainage, sewerage, water supply, district heating, gas and industrial installations, and testing methods.
In its international aspect, the Association cooperates with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) through its committee CEN/TC 155 Plastic piping and ducting systems, and the International Organisation for Standardisation through the committee ISO/TC 138 Plastic pipes, fittings, and valves for the transportation of fluids.
The PRiK Association is also a member of the European Association of Pipe Fittings and Plastic (TEPPFA).

Education, dissemination, and publishing are important elements in the Association's activity. The Association has initiated the printing of a series of technical brochures designed to make the issues of plastic piping more familiar to the plumbing industry.
A huge role in the popularisation of plastic water-supply and sewage systems has been played by the cyclical Technical Conference Water-supply and sewage systems made of plastic, held by the Association jointly with the most-serious partners, both Polish and international. The conference, addressed to the water and sewage industry, has been attended every year by leading pipe manufacturers, design, installation and operations companies, and representatives of academia.

Since the PRiK Association considers educational activities to be its priority statutory task, which includes providing and disseminating the most up-to-date knowledge on plastics pipes and fittings,  all content the Association publishes, such as papers delivered at conferences, technical brochures, lists of standards, etc., is available to the public on www.prik.pl.