Uponor conference report


Uponor conference report

Underground Infrastructure of Urbanized Areas. Application of PEHD systems.

On October 6, 2017, a conference titled "Underground infrastructure of Urbanized Areas - Application of PEHD Systems" took place in Warsaw. It was organized by Uponor Infra together with the Infrastructure Office of the city of Warsaw. The event brought together representatives of municipal water supply and sewerage companies, local authorities, the scientific world and companies operating in the water and sewage sector.

The conference focused on technical and economic issues of the design, construction, and operation of underground infrastructure in urbanized areas.

During the seminar, a number of speakers shared their expertise and scientific knowledge. Paweł Pill (of Uponor Infra) presented a paper entitled "Reliable polyethylene systems as a response to the growing expectations arising from the rapid development of urban infrastructure”. Prof. Daniel Słyś (Rzeszów University of Technology) compared PEHD and GRP pipes, analyzing material solutions used in constructing retention systems. As he noted, all the features of the pipelines are important - investment is a complex process and various factors have to be taken into account. Prof. Józef Dziopak (Rzeszów University of Technology) discussed the topic of creating retention sewage systems. The planning, construction, and operation of linear sewage facilities were discussed by dr Andrzej Raganowicz (Water and Sewage Plant in Taufkirchen).

During the seminar, a number of interesting investments were also presented. Construction of the Lee Tunnel sewage collectors in London was presented by Simon Thomas (Asset International Ltd).
The Żelazny Most (Iron Bridge) tailings pond (KGHM Polska Miedź) as an example of an object where PEHD pipes and materials were used, as being adequate for handling atypical and demanding media in difficult field conditions – was presented by dr Krzysztof Wrzosek (Warsaw University of Technology).
The basis for a good investment is the right concept – Dr. Apoloniusz Kodura presented research conducted jointly with prof. Marek Mitosek (Warsaw University of Technology). Accurate forecasting of the durability of applied pipelines - this topic was taken by dr Leszek Wysocki (Wroclaw University of Technology).

We encourage you to take a closer look at the event video.