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Plumbing and indoor climate that works well in a community with a foccus on sustainablity are crucial parts whether for heating or clean water.
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The next generation has the right to clean water, takes to swim in and sewage works. We are working with infrastructure can not be seen, but many take for granted.
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In brief Uponor

Uponor is a leading international system provider of solutions for the safe supply of drinking water, energy-efficient indoor climate and
reliable infrastructure. We service the construction industry in a variety of areas such as residential, commercial, and industrial and plant
construction. Uponor has about 3900 employees in 30 countries, mainly in Europe and North America In 2015. Uponor had net sales of
SEK 9 5 billion Uponor is based in Finland and is listed on the Nasdaq in Helsinki

The company comprises two separate units: Building respective Infra. We welcome you to visit us by selecting one of the units.
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Sustainable plumbing and infrastructure solutions for home and community

Uponor is a leading international supplier of systems and solutions for real estate and infrastructure.

Our system for the safe delivery of drinking water, energy efficient indoor climate and reliable infrastructure sets the standard in the
industry. We are focused on sustainability and a passion to develop new technologies and to deliver systems that simplify people’s lives.
This is how we build trust.

After many years in the industry, we note a few basic things; Plumbing and indoor climate are vital components in modern everyday life
whether for heating, individual sewage, clean water, mini treatment or ventilation.

Knowledge and commitment are our most important assets to develop and improve our systems and our customers' projects. As builders,
installers, architects, consultants, retailers and house-builders, there is always an expert and reliable partner when it comes to plastic pipes
and systems for building services, indoor climate, heated floors and infrastructure in cities.